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Aromatic chickpea potage with spinach and salt cod

Aromatic chickpea potage with spinach and salt cod

For us lucky ducks living in Melbourne we have modern Spanish tapas restaurant Movida which is some of the best Spanish food outside of Spain. Actually, from my brief rendezvous with Spain, I find the food better here (am I allowed to say that out aloud? Maybe I just need to go back *wink*).

I received Movida’s cookbook a number of years ago, and today was the first time I’ve cooked from it, having recently gone back to the restaurant for the first time since it’s opening year. While I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel, the worst thing was being kicked out for the 8pm sitting. I hate that about Melbourne dining and usually avoid these places often finding that the food and ambience don’t match the hype. Not Movida!

But I digress, this isn’t a blog to blow smoke up their tush. No. What I’m most on about is rather than wait 3 weeks for a 6pm sitting on a Friday night, why not bring Movida to the home table? The recipes are accessible with few, mostly humble ingredients. The flavour is in the technique that maximises flavour and texture…something that has been perfected over many years and a passion to never, ever eat boring.

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White bowl with red lentil soup and parsley

Red Lentil Soup with Pancetta

While I am finishing my studies in Chinese Medicine, I work part time in a gourmet grocery/deli. Some may think this a rather humble vocation, but out of all my bitsy casual jobs, and even career-driven jobs, this one is in the top two. I love it because I’m surrounded by awesome food all day long. I get to talk to customers about their food ideas and ways to use our products, whether it be solicited or unsolicited. And that’s how I got the idea for this soup. A woman came to the register with red lentils and some pancetta I had just sliced for her, so I asked if she was using them together. Sure enough, yes she was. The recipe is pretty simple, so simple she told me in a 30 second conversation at the register. I love red lentils and the texture they create, so I resolved then and there that I’m going to make it, adding my own flare.

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What’s more potently healing than Superfoods? It’s when 2 schools of thought unite. Here I’ve combined what we know as incredibly energy giving, life giving Chinese herbs with what we know as Superfoods in western doctrine, although the Superfoods movement have borrowed Goji Berries from the Chinese.

Thanks to my mate @hsand for sharing his delightful creations which inspired this hybrid:

Makes 12 walnut sized balls or 24 smaller balls.

120g walnuts or any nut for that matter (almonds are always good) ground into coarse breadcrumb consistency
3 heaped tsps Dutch cocoa
3 heaped tsp protein powder
3 heaped tsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
100g goji berries*
80 g red dates (pips removed)*
2 tsp soaking water
Coating: black and white sesame seeds, ground cacao nibs
*soaked together in boiling water for 5 minutes, then whizzed to make a rough paste

Put all ingredients bar the coating in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Using a tablespoon measure (larger balls), measure out even sized portions, rolling into shape and coating as you go (the warmed coconut oil from you hands will help coating stick better than if you roll them first, then coat).

Store in fridge, making sure they’re not cold when you eat to protect your spleen.


Today I put on my pants – ones that recently I had room to move in – and that uncomfortable tightness enveloped my legs and constricted my waist, making me feel really grumpy. I’ve been noticing a slow but steady weight gain for a few weeks now, and on reviewing what’s different the only thing is protein shakes in the morning. Yep, I’ve been running and cycling, chewing my food and drinking warm water. I cant ignore it anymore, it’s the only thing that has changed in my diet, and it’s making me fat!
I decided to give the whole protein thing a go.

Not really a subscriber to the notion – but it’s good to try these things – after all the masses can’t be wrong, surely? After doing some research, I got onto pea protein isolate, the highest known plant source of protein and easier to digest than animal based proteins.

I just feel dense. Like veganism and vegetarianism, I tried it, I committed, but in the end it kicked my arse. Back to oats in the morning.

Search “breakfasts” for why oats are a good start.

Nutrition Express

January 19, 2013 — 2 Comments


Combine fruits in season (eg. mango), oats, linseed, coconut oil with pea protein isolate and super greens powder. Blend with water.

Make sure you use warm water; 1 part boiling to 2 parts cold (or simply boil the kettle, interrupting it before it gets too hot) to protect your digestion.