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Simply comforting

Uncomplicated yumminess, and awesome for leftovers

I was drawn to this dish because of it’s simplicity, the nutritional profile and blood building properties of lamb. See, us females have a tendency to deficiency of blood – and I’m no different. We burn up our blood stores though stress, work, high emotions, physical blood loss, and me, well study depletes me the most. Being blood deficient can cascade to many other ailments – I will tend to anxiety and insomnia if I allow my blood (physical and energetic) to wane. You might get terribly lethargic, have dry skin, hair, nails, get tired eyes and/or floaters, be highly emotional, unable to cope in general, be pale, listless, have menstrual problems or can’t fall pregnant, physical and emotional rigidity, sweat profusely at night, just to name a few.

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