I Quit Sugar Program:

I Quit Sugar Cookbook - Buy Here

**Buy Here**

I Quit Sugar Cookbook:

Buy Here

** Buy Here**

Foundations of TCM Culinary Nutrition + diagnosis and free dietary assessment:

Get more vitality, energy with a personalised nutritional assessment and tuition on selecting the right ingredients and cooking styles for you.

Tips on how to shop, lifestyle advice, eating for the seasons, deciphering contradicting diet and information and improving your health.

90 minute 1 on 1 tuition and comes with manual for you to refer to later.

Contact me for more information.

Buy Here *Coming Soon*

Buy Here
*Coming Soon*

Tailored cooking lessons + free diagnosis:

Harness the power of Culinary Nutrition for yourself. This package comes with Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and cooking lessons designed based on your personal needs.

Also catering to Intolerances, Allergies, Candida, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Weight Management, Energy and Vitality, Quality of life.

Or you simply want to live more harmoniously and learn how to cook to nourish your self and loved ones.

2 hour lesson, food included.

Contact me for more information.

Buy Here *Coming Soon*

Buy Here
*Coming Soon*

Cooking nutritiously for singles + free diagnosis:

Two minute noodles are  for uni students. Just because you’re cooking for yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t eat well and keep healthy at the same time. You spend all that money on yoga, gym and personal training, back it up with awesome home cooked meals you’ll feel proud of!

Learn some great dishes that are tasty, easy to prepare and can be frozen in portions to be on hand when you’re pressed for time. Quick meals are no longer unhealthy.

In addition I’ll have some tips on tasty, healthy snack foods to keep on hand also.

Contact me for more information.

Buy Here *Coming Soon*

Buy Here
*Coming Soon*

Seasonal eating programs: Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer

Don’t dispair if you don’t live in Melbourne, Australia and can’t take advantage of a personalised cooking lesson….e-books are on their way!

I get asked this question a lot; “what can I eat?” Even if you aren’t well skilled in the kitchen you still can take the power back to care for yourself. You know the saying give a man to fish, feed him for a day…yadda yadda yadda. Well this is my contribution to the “return to the kitchen” revolution.

I’ve pulled together a collection of seasonal recipes that are easy to prepare and guide you through eating for the seasons. With a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) bent of course.

Buy Here *Coming Soon*

Buy Here
*Coming Soon*


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