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Pearl Barley and Vegetable Soup with Shiitake and Kombu stock

Pearl Barley and Vegetable Soup with Shiitake and Kombu stock

This morning I had Pearl Barley soup for breakfast. It’s not a first, in fact whenever I feel like my digestion is particularly sluggish – lately caused by many rich dinners out, with probably a few too many wines – I often will have soup for breakfast.

Soups are naturally easier to digest, and are a great way to get a bunch of healthy seasonal vegetables and herbs in one tasty shot. I’ve made this soup extra nutritious by adding immuno-protective shiitake mushrooms and kombu*. Plus they give the stock added flavour. I always keep them on hand for this reason.

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Rye, hello there!

January 5, 2013 — 2 Comments


When we think of grains, we often think of evil carbohydrates. We don’t usually think of them as lifesaving foods. In fact the healing power of certain grains can be more so than fruit and vegetables. The reason? Unlike fruits and berries, they contain more bound phytonutrients that are released in the intestines during digestion rather than free phytonutrients destroyed in the stomach by digestive acids. That translates to massive antioxidant power.

Rye is one such supergrain that ranks in the top 3 manganese-containing grains. High in insoluble fiber, rye is a helpful defence against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bowel health, gallstones and weight gain. Hair, nails, bones and teeth also benefit from important amino acids contained within. TCM views rye as bitter and beneficial for the Liver/Gallbladder to clear stagnation (emotional, physical, energetic), facilitates weight loss, and arterial cleansing and renewal.
I enjoy rye in the form of pumpernickel. I love the moist crunch. It’s dark, earthy richness is satisfying and rarely do I need more than 2 or 3 slices with light toppings to get me through hungry afternoons. Here, I’ve topped pumpernickel with Meredith marinated goats cheese, baby roma tomatoes, avocado, coriander and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Naan Bread with Lamb Koftas, Tzaziki and Salad

This was my ad-hoc lunch today. It was delicious! I made the naan bread and tzaziki. The lamb koftas are biodynamic from The Green Grocer.

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My Leb-Veg epiphany

September 12, 2010 — Leave a comment

Two significant things have happened to me in the past 2 days that I wanted to share, both of which were introduced to me by my Leb-Veg (Lebanese vegan) housemate. Being of Lebanese decent she’s got her finger on the pulse as far as Lebanese food is concerned. Secondly, being one of the main players in the Australian animal activist scene, she knows where all the good Vegan places are.

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Mamasita's Taco de pescado (Fish tacos)

I am officially in love! Monday was my third time in as many weeks at cheekily named Mamasita, Mexican bar and restaurant at the Paris end of Collins Street, Melbourne. From that first time I bit into the street style char grilled corn it felt like I was on an exotic holiday and in love all at the same time and has me coming back time and time again.  The reason I say cheekily named, is that mamasita is often used in reference to a very attractive woman. It’s like the Mexican version of the wolf whistle which makes me love the place even more!

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Polenta, baby spinach, red capsicum, zucchini, fennel, olives, anchovies, reduced balsamic

Here I used leftover lemony polenta (see recipe in Food Porn or click image above) in a salad. The salad consisted of baby spinach dressed with olive oil, reduced balsamic (for some sweetness), Spiral Foods sesame shake, olives, anchovies (salty) and grilled garlic topped with the warmed lemony polenta, grilled red capsicum, zucchini and fennel. It was really yummy, satisfying and quick to prepare. And look at all those goodies it contains!

Next time to jazz it up I’ll make an anchovy paste to dress the plate with and add some fresh herbs to the baby spinach which will make it a perfect Spring salad.