I Challenge You to 31 Days of Breakfast

December 31, 2013 — Leave a comment
Cannellini bean smash, avocado, preserved lemon from Milkwood, Melbourne.

Cannellini bean smash, avocado, preserved lemon from Milkwood, Melbourne.

I’m making a stand for breakfasts in 2014. Long ignored and often forgotten as we rush off to work. I want to challenge you right here and now, to make a commitment to eat breakfast every single day of January.

That’s a whole 31 days of breakfasts.

Sounds easy? Reflect back on the past couple of months. How many times have you rushed out the door on an empty stomach, eaten toast in the car, gulped cereal at your desk? I see it far too often than I like in clinic. The people who need to nurture their health the most, presenting with crippling ailments have a history of skipping breakfast.

Eating breakfast is one of the most straight forward actions you can make towards better digestion, more energy, better coping skills, balanced emotions, clearer skin, and losing weight.

The ramifications of missing the first meal of the day within an hour of waking up has a domino effect. Avoiding breakfast will rapidly weaken the digestive organs; the Stomach, and even more so, the Spleen. The Spleen’s energetic action turns physical food into Qi and moves that Qi up to the Lungs for distribution throughout body and organ functions. Since food and air is where we get our energy, blood, immunity, growth, and renewal, it’s a no brainer that proper digestive function is really, really important. I can’t stress it enough.

The best hashbrowns in ev-er from Proud Mary, Melbourne

The best hashbrowns in ev-er from Proud Mary, Melbourne

The second biggest barrier to skipping breakfast is often people are nauseated by the thought of eating too early in the day, they just can’t stomach eating before noon. Indicator #1 of Spleen Qi deficiency! Keep avoiding breakfast will only continue the downward spiral.

If this is you, I suggest eating a couple of mouthfuls, and start off with something easy to digest. Porridge is excellent. Keep it simple, and cooked well. Add some honey if it helps you stomach it better. Over time you’ll notice some hunger returning to your mornings – this is a good sign! If you’re gluten intolerant, cook rice in 4 times the water for an hour or more until it’s a mushy porridge. This is called congee and can be either savoury or sweet and wonderfully strengthening to Spleen Qi. Prepare the night before so it’s ready to heat and go.

Superb breakfast by Two:Bob, Melbourne.

Crumbed poached egg, salmon, asparagus, dill from Two:Bob, Melbourne.

You may also have fallen victim to the notion that skipping breakfast makes the metabolism work harder and better for weight loss. So how’s it going for you so far? Get bloated much? Lack energy much? Have lots of gas, loose stools, cramping and diarrhoea is a regular occurrence, bad breath, have a thick coating on your tongue, foggy brained, afternoon slump, have love handles? These are all signs that the spleen is weak. I’ve suffered from many of these symptoms in the past, and I have to say it is horribly uncomfortable. The simplest way to describe the effect of breakfasts on promoting metabolism is the judo method. Go with the body’s flow of energy. Harness and embrace the purpose of digestion: extraction of nutrients, expelling of waste.

Breakfast is the efficient way to nurture the body will help keep you slim and healthy.

So the challenge has been set. You up for it?

I’ll be posting inspiring breakfasts every day of January on Instagram (@foodiecure), using #breakfastworship, and #31daysofbreakfast. Join in and share your breakfast creations and inspiration too. And every Sunday for the month of January I’ll post a breakfast digest here (pun intended!).

Bruschetta from Ici, Melbourne.

Bruschetta from Ici, Melbourne.

Look after yourself, Becki x


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