Want to lose weight? What time are you eating your biggest meal?

October 19, 2013 — 2 Comments
Breakfast sugar free granola made by my gorgeous sister-in-law.

Breakfast sugar free granola made by my gorgeous sister-in-law.

Being a breakfast worshiper, the importance of eating time has been an influencing reason to my love of the first meal. It’s no new concept, the Chinese knew that eating too late – related to the horary cycle, circadian rhythms, and being too close to bed time – will slow down digestion. Actually, we have a saying:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant, and dinner like a pauper.

What happens when digestion is slowed down? We put on weight. It’s kinda repetitive for me to say this, but I’ll say it again for impact: when the digestion is slowed down, we can’t process our food. When we can’t process our food in the manner of extracting nutrients and expelling waste, all that we eat gets pushed out into our system as a toxic, dirty, repugnant waste to get stored between our fat cells…making us fatter.

We’re finally starting to recognise here in the west, that it’s not fat that’s making us fat (well not the good fats anyway), but improper digestion. This is the crux of the Eastern way of eating.

Stumbling across this article, I was happy – no overjoyed! – to see that research is backing up the East has known for, well, centuries. The study randomly divided 93 obese women into 2 groups: the Big Breakfast Group, and Big Dinner Group. For 12 weeks both groups followed the same diet of a moderate intake of both carbohydrates and fat with a total of 1,400 calories a day each, the division of calories either skewed towards the morning meal or evening meal.

The results can’t be ignored. Besides almost a 10 pound average difference in weight loss between the two groups, what was interesting were the lab results. Levels of “craving” hormone ghrelin and levels of insulin, glucose and triglyceride were “significantly lower”, along with reduced blood sugar level spikes in the Big Breakfast Group.

But it gets more profound. Researchers found that “mindless eating in front of the computer or television, especially in the late evening hours, is a huge contributor to the obesity epidemic.” Ahhhhh I love this! One of my favorite pieces of eating advice. Simply, we want energy in the stomach, not in the head. After all, digestion is a big old slog for our body. If you can imagine all the biological cascades that happen as a result of ingesting food, you can begin to understand why.

Could our escalating weight and health problems in the West be that simple to regulate, if not resolve? No fancy food, no fancy equipment and it’s free. Try it and see for yourself.

Look after yourself,
Becki xxx


2 responses to Want to lose weight? What time are you eating your biggest meal?


    I didn’t know that blood was made at that time. Great post Hun, very informative. xo


      Yes, me neither until I started at Steven Clavey’s clinic. It’s very important. He reccommends trying it out: getting to bed by 10pm, 3 nights in a row and see for yourself how energy improves. Of course, I’m still practicing this too – last night was a 2am-er for me (exams!).

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