Where’s the Bakin’?

May 22, 2013 — 3 Comments

Shakshouka from Cumulus Inc. It’s baked eggs with roasted peppers and shanklish

Baking food is the way to go in Autumn months. If you think about it in Chinese Medicine terms, Autumn is when the direction of our body’s natural energy turns inwards – our intelligent biology knows it’s time to prepare for cooler months. That’s why it’s that little bit harder to get out of bed and naturally, we spend less time outdoors. And that’s ok! This is something we can’t control, and trying to force the opposite, well it will drain the energy faster than you can say “is it winter yet?”.

One way to get more bakin’ is breakfast time. I don’t know why it became the norm to socialise before 12pm on a weekend.  Somewhere along the lines it did, and that’s exactly what us Melbournians do en-masse come the Saturday. So Melbourne chefs had to get up earlier and get creative…not that this little foodie is complaining. Breakfast worship is my thing.

Trusty eggs benedict has been superseded by Turkish baked eggs, which I see on menus we are now using it’s “proper” name, Shakshouka. Essentially you have the same thing: Arabic spiced tomato base, crack in a couple of eggs, bake in clay pot, then serving with crusty bread and warning not to touch the pan.

Doctors orders this Autumn is to bake, braise and stir fry. Lots of fragrances stimulate the metal element – being our Lungs – and another little trick from 5,000 years ago to ward off the lurgy.

Look after yourself this Autumn,
Becki xx


3 responses to Where’s the Bakin’?


    Oh how funny that was! I was reading with a raised eyebrow, why would she be talking about autumn food in the spring? Isn’t it sorta’ going the opposite direction?? Although I did really like the feel of it being an Earth person to a large extent. And then I got to the magic word Melbournians and the coin dropped finally! Not in the same hemisphere! =) So I wish you lots of bakes, stirfrys and all those yummy roots and grains. I think I may just cheat a bit today and have a sweet potato for lunch. Otherwise it is mainly greens picked during the walks w dog in the woods, lots of lovely nettles, dandelions and the likes. So quite the contrast indeed. 🙂


    And taking a little extra care of the lungs with all these lovely Lillies of the valley and Lilacs everywhere – stoppin’ and smellin’ the roses very often.


      Hi Filippa – yes, we’re down here in the southern hemisphere. It’s a hard one, to cater for all seasons with current dietary advice…kind of like fashion commentary! ha ha
      Your day sounds amazing, and very nurturing. Love it.
      Look after yourself,
      Becki x

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