Soup for breakfast. I think I just might!

February 11, 2013 — Leave a comment


Referring to the five elements system, Late Summer is the “time” of the Spleen and Stomach – our digestive organs in Chinese Medicine. Forget for a moment that the Spleen has an immune function in western medicine. When we talk Chinese Medicine, we have to think Chinese Medicine. And why would we bother? Because when we treat the Chinese Medicine way, we get results.

The reason I’m bringing up Late Summer is right now, here in Australia, it’s that time. And I’m suffering…my Spleen is waaaaaay outta whack at the moment. We are at the tail end of party season and our Spleen has just endured a Summer of salads, icecream and chilled dinks…digestion’s kryptonite. This only dawned on me when taking one of my festering “what’s going on with me?” moments. I’ve been ignoring my digestion for a while and the results are exaggerated. See, the organ pairs of five elements are particularly vulnerable during their spotlight season.

But that doesn’t mean I throw up my hands in resignation. Noooo, we have to be careful to support the organs during their moment of glory. That’s why I made a batch of pumpkin and ginger soup and ate it for breakfast. Pumpkin, because it has an innate sweet taste and is golden in colour. Being the resonating taste and colour of Late Summer, foods with these properties will energetically support the Spleen and Stomach to do their job. Ginger is well known to harmonise the Stomach. Anytime you have nausea, bloating, gas, reach for ginger.


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