Capsicum, Eggplant, Potato, Tomato

January 29, 2013 — Leave a comment


While some of the most delectable fruit-come-vegetables are named here, the class they fall in is Nightshades, with somewhat of a dubious reputation. This would be due to the alkaloid, solanine, which interrupts nerve and muscle function and our precious digestion.

Happily, solanine is in in low enough quantity that most can tolerate it, especially if cooked. Sensitive types will feel the effects more. How do you low if you have a sensitivity? Nutritionists and doctors would say if you have diarrhea, vomiting and headache that follows eating a nightshade. Chronic symptoms would be anxieties, depression, joint pain, migraines, IBS to name a few.

Before you go and chuck out all your potatoes, and swear off tomatoes for life, remember that the body is one helluva efficient machine. It is built to tolerate a battering. The effects of nightshades will only happen when the body is so depleted that it is easily tipped out of balance. If you feel this is you, begin immediately by building up your digestive function – after all this is where we get our fuel.

In this picture I am enjoying baked eggplant with tahini from a local pub. I love how pretty this dish looks.


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