Why I am giving up protein shakes and going back to carbs for breakfast (it’s making me fat)

January 21, 2013 — Leave a comment


Today I put on my pants – ones that recently I had room to move in – and that uncomfortable tightness enveloped my legs and constricted my waist, making me feel really grumpy. I’ve been noticing a slow but steady weight gain for a few weeks now, and on reviewing what’s different the only thing is protein shakes in the morning. Yep, I’ve been running and cycling, chewing my food and drinking warm water. I cant ignore it anymore, it’s the only thing that has changed in my diet, and it’s making me fat!
I decided to give the whole protein thing a go.

Not really a subscriber to the notion – but it’s good to try these things – after all the masses can’t be wrong, surely? After doing some research, I got onto pea protein isolate, the highest known plant source of protein and easier to digest than animal based proteins.

I just feel dense. Like veganism and vegetarianism, I tried it, I committed, but in the end it kicked my arse. Back to oats in the morning.

Search “breakfasts” for why oats are a good start.


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