Pretty fishy, Sardines

January 18, 2013 — Leave a comment


My 8 year old self would have said “why would you eat sardines?” and ya know, I kinda agree with her. They’re pretty fishy tasting, they don’t really have the appeal of juicy lamb chops and they’re small. Bigger is better, right?

Now, my thirty-something self would answer: you eat sardines because they taste fishy (fishy doesn’t have to be a bad thing), they don’t leer off the plate at you like a chunk of meat does, and they’re small.

A concern nowadays with eating fish is mercury ingestion. Smaller fish, like sardines and anchovies are lower on the food chain and have less mercury making them safe for regular consumption (New York City Health Department safe seafood list). Large fish are full of mercury and this builds up in our bodies causing heavy metal poisoning, often the cause of many unexplainable nuisances…lethargy and chronic illness is just the start.

A potent source of calcium and life promoting Omega 3s, they’re an excellent addition to a well rounded diet.

Sardines are best enjoyed quite simply grilled, drizzled with olive oil and lots of fresh parsley. Here I was enjoying Pinotta’s (Melbourne) sardine bruschetta with buttery carrots and piquant pickled onion.


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