Happy Herbs: Chamomile & Lavender

January 11, 2013 — 5 Comments


An upset tummy has plagued all of us at one point. It could be something eaten, gastro or an emotional cause.

The stomach belongs to ‘late summer’ in the 5 elements, it’s corresponding emotion being worry. So when we say “sick with worry” literally the emotion worry is damaging our stomach energy. Not a good time to eat (if you even feel like it), or experiencing any strong emotions for that matter, which will only injure stomach energy further.

What would help settle the queasies is herbal teas, what are also helpful to protect your middle even if symptoms aren’t present. It might just help settle emotions too.

Soothing Tummy Sleep Tea
In a glass jar, combine…
3 Tblsp Peppermint
3 Tblsp Lemon balm (substitute Lemon Myrtle)
3 Tblsp Chamomile
3 Tblsp Culinary lavender
Put 1 tsp of the mixture in a tea ball or small teapot. Pour in boiling water and steep for 5 minutes or so.

For colicky babies over 4 months, you can combine with 30 mls apple juice or with milk.

Recipe courtesy of Golden Holistic Medical Centre http://bit.ly/ZJmZB9


5 responses to Happy Herbs: Chamomile & Lavender


    I had heard about eating peppermint candy or chewing peppermint gum to calm the nerves. I hadn’t realized it would calm down my tummy too!


      Wow thanks for that, I didn’t realize a chewy or mint would have that effect, but thinking about it – yeah it would!!

      Herbs taken as decoctions and teas are fast acting and stronger. It’s nice to know nature has provided an awesome first aid kit hey?


        The more I learn about nature, the more impressed I am! We seem to try to do things our way — the human way — when there’s already something better and easier that nature has provided. Too funny!


    Don’t know about adding milk to that wonderful blend for babies, it just feels wrong. What’s your view on milk in general?


      If the baby is on breast or formula milk for sure! I probably should have clarified that. Definitely not homogenized crap that’s for sure.

      I think un-homogenized raw milk is beneficial – its praised in ayervedic medicine. But if there’s a damp condition I’d recommend looking for alternatives….soy also promotes damp.

      What are your thoughts on milk?

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