Grow Old Gracefully

January 10, 2013 — 4 Comments


Yesterday I ate bone marrow. The idea of it makes me squirm. It’s a strange creamy jelliness and sweet meat flavour doesn’t paint an appetizing picture. But it was tasty. It’s luxurious richness is like a poor man’s foie gras that has been reborn on modern menus.

Back in the day, our ancestors ate offal and sucked the marrow out of bones as a way of being, as a way of maintaining health and vitality. Did they know it was a potent source of Omega-3’s, Vitamin B12, RNA and DNA? Did they know that they were promoting renewal, longevity and protecting against premature ageing? Without science, my guess is they experienced the benefits for themselves. Now we have the Paleo movement affirming it.

In TCM we call marrow a Jing nourishing food. Jing being our essence, our vitality, the founding energy that kick starts and fuels all other metabolic processes. The spark plug and petrol of our internal mechanics. Everyone needs to supplement their Jing, we are constantly depleting it through simply living. If we can slow this down, supplement with certain foods, we make light of the ageing process.

Here I was enjoying soft taco with wood roasted bone marrow, chimichurri and ranchero style brisket from the Newmarket Hotel (

Bone marrow and briskit tacos


4 responses to Grow Old Gracefully


    Nice one. Another big paleo one you’d dig is bone broth.

    Also, do yourself a favour. I know you mentioned how many nutrients things like rye and buckwheat have going for them.

    Go to a calorie counting site like and add 100grams of rye and buckwheat and look at the nutritional chart. Then try blueberries and broccoli. Then 100g of beef steak. Then 100g of lambs liver.

    Let me know what you find. It’s something that every person on earth, especially vegetarians, should do. Trust me.


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      Excellent I’ll check it out Marc. I’m not much into calorie counting as fat and weight management is so much more than that. Anyhoo why u worried bout calories? U need some meat on ur bones xx


    Great tip, time for a stew with a good ol’ bone in it -good winter food indeed. Wow, things have changed when one can be served a bone with marrow as is in a restaurant like that, really interesting.



      I’ve heard of bone broth – and it kind of happens when cooking up lamb shank too I reckon.

      Yes been seeing the old bone with marrow on menus a lot recently – I’m loving the return of old time eating rather than creating a new dietary fad – we had it right years ago. New solutions not necessary – they just complicate things and reinvent the wheel!

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