Coriander Saving Lives

January 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

Cleansing green

I love it when I stumble upon something completely unexpected. Particularly when it relates to an amazing health benefit of a herb I just looooove.

I love it even more when an ingredient is so ingrained in a traditional cuisine it seems it was there for pleasure, not its life saving powers. Corriander contains a compound called dodecenal that has a unique quality to kill Salmonella, an indiscriminate bacteria responsible for millions of food borne illness. Maybe it’s not just for taste that corriander features heavily in Mexican and Asian cuisine?

Humble culinary herbs like coriander can be as potent as medicinal herbs. Corriander’s second strong point is in its exceptional ability to cleanse heavy metals from the body. If ever you’ve flown in a plane, refueled your car, have been x-rayed, eaten fish, had chemo or have mercury fillings, there is a level of heavy metal accumulation which can have serious and lasting consequences.

I enjoy coriander best by the roughly chopped by the handful. Throw in salads, in salsa, topping curries and soups.


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