When was the last time you looked at your tongue?

December 10, 2012 — Leave a comment
What digestive and emotional complaints can look like

What digestive and emotional complaints can look like

There is a lot our tongues can tell us about our internal health and can be as precise as pinpointing which organs are not working properly. If you haven’t done so already, get to know your tongue. Through this it becomes clearer how your body changes and responds to life.

What is the point? It’s a first step in being aware of your body being mindful of where weaknesses lay. A vital beginning step to long term health. It’s ok to be flippant about heath in your robust 20’s, it’s when things start to fall apart and ageing has well and truly kicked in by your 50’s where it becomes harder to get back on track.

Some things to look out for is: colour, shape, does it quiver, where the cracks are, are there tooth marks, is there a coating and if so, what colour is it and where is it?

How to read your tongue

How to read your tongue

This tongue is slightly swollen (slight digestive dysfunction), with a purple-ish body (blood stagnation), red tip which slightly indents, some cracks in the stomach area (stomach fluid weakness) and thick coating at the back with red dots (heat and damp).

By doing this, you’ve just practiced Chinese Medicine. Although I’ve just simplified the practice considerably, you can see first hand how informative tongue diagnosis is.

Do you want to know more about tongue diagnosis? Is getting to know your body better something important to you?


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