A deodorant that may save your life: beauty recipe

October 26, 2012 — 7 Comments


Today I had some terrible news. A close friend who is so full of life, beautiful, vivacious and health wise has breast cancer. Diagnosed just a few days after her 36th birthday.

I have wanted to post this deodorant recipe for a while now, and I am prompted more than ever to share it with you. While technically not a food, it is a healthy and made from food grade ingredients.

There is no “proven” link between deodorant and breast cancer – or none that we would be privy to. Plenty of articles write about the connection and to me it makes sense. Toxic chemicals are seeping directly into a large clump of lymph and delicate tissue that is prone to metastasis day after day.

After a long trial of store bought natural deodorants I have been using this as my deodorant for almost 12 months and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Try it for yourself.

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot powder (also known as tapioca flour)
4 tbsp coconut oil
10 drops grapefuit essential oil (or any that takes your fancy)

Mix the ingredients and store in a tin or jar with a lid.


7 responses to A deodorant that may save your life: beauty recipe


    Well as a aromatherapist i will try, but with good quality oils they should be kept in a dark glass container and away from sunlight.


      If that concerns you, try keeping the deodorant in a dark glass container. I always thought being mixed with coconut oil would preserve the essential oil.
      Let me know how you go with the deodorant 🙂

    Maryanne Simpson October 29, 2012 at 9:42 am

    What a fabulous recipe, just a little more practical info would be good.

    How do you apply YOUR deodorant and does it dry on your skin.

    Kind regards

    Maryanne Simpson


    phone 09 528 3365 mobile 021 871 128

    PO Box 133 039, Eastridge, Auckland 1146



      Hi Maryanne, great question. I use my finger to wipe a little under my arms. A little is the key here…being oil based it will make your clothes greasy if you use too much. At any rate, a little is all you need. In warm weather the oil will go runny, cold weather it’s solid. Let me know how you go!


    Actually, Virgin Coconut Oil can help with body odour – read it somewhere. Personally I don’t have BO; however after an intense workout, well, there will be a faint sort of odour. So I tried a little experiment: Before the intense workout, I apply or rather just swipe it once on the pits (dry please), and post workout, no odour. No, it doesn’t stain your clothes either, but common sense would tell you not to apply it seconds before you put on your clothes. For those battling with BO, do give it a try. 🙂


    I’m sorry to about your friend… I had a little lump last year on the left side about the size of a walnut. That was a year ago and that lump somehow disappeared. Perhaps it was the coconut oil, I really do not know but I’ve been taking it every morning and before I go to bed, together with SupaFuco and Bio MSM tablets. Hope your friend recover soon.

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