Eat for taste, lose weight?

April 29, 2012 — 3 Comments


I posted a thought recently about eating for taste vs. eating for health. How about eating for taste to promote weight loss? Hear me out a sec…

What if you were so satisfied by a meal, your taste buds happily stimulated, you were inclined to eat less?

Perhaps when we are enjoying a meal so much, we slow down and savor. Are we more inclined to chew to capture the moment? Maybe there’s a bit of rolling the food over the whole surface of the tongue, give all tastebuds a chance to transduce. All the while, our olfactory sense is engaged.

What you’ve just done is what we ought to be practicing with every meal. If we aren’t enjoying it, it’s more of a case of wolfing down food as a mechanical action. In the process consuming more, not masticating enough which is harder work for the digestion.

It’s just a thought….try it sometime.


3 responses to Eat for taste, lose weight?


    Great stuff! I think the hardest thing for me and for most people is not
    only trying to find ways to workout and lose weight but to also to also make it enjoyable.
    I find that if I play a sport that I like such as basketball or if I take
    my dog for a run and play frisbee works well. It breaks up the monotony of running
    around the block or on a track.

    On another note, you can’t just starve yourself or eat bland but healthy food and expect to lose weight long-term. If you can find foods that are healthy but still have great taste, eventually your brain is going to think that eating healthy is a good thing because the food tastes great.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I am always looking for new ways to stay fit and lost weight. This definitely help!


      Hey thanks for your comments Leticia. That’s what I’m all about…making healthy tasty. If you have anything to contribute I’d love to hear it.
      I love what you said about the exercise. currently I run around the block, and don’t mind it, but a team sport would be much more fun. The problem being, I grew up riding horses, so don’t know how to play a sport to feel confident to join one (last sport I played being squash and I sucked so bad at it).
      Frisbees are AWESOME!!!


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