Gluten Free Breakfast Inspiration

April 6, 2012 — 4 Comments

Buckwheat bread, marinated goats feta with trimmings. Love it when breakfast turns out like a rainbow!

Buckwheat bread, marinated goats feta, tomato with shaved asparagus, yellow capsicum and spring onion

Buckwheat break is quite strong tasting, and takes a little warming to. No avoiding it. On the flip side, who can stand cardboard-y flavoured supermarket style bread? Blurgh. It’s all in what we train ourselves to enjoy. That’s why I recommend giving buckwheat bread a go like this.

Toast the bread to crispy, slather with Meredith marinated goats feta (drool), shave whatever is about in you fridge (love the mandolin). In my case asparagus, yellow capsicum and spring onions. Tomatoes are always a nice addition. Even a sprinkle of sumac would compliment. Consume.

I’m not celiac or intolerant, but I do agree with Sarah Wilson to lighten the load on our gut, gluten being a major irritant. So if we avoid the difficult little composite even for one meal, that means I can eat pasta for dinner and not feel too bad 🙂

On a health note, buckwheat is a great grain – well technically a fruit seed – that has to be grown chemically free, otherwise it will die. It’s health profile looks like this:

  • neutral thermal nature, can be eaten in all seasons and to balance other foods
  • nutrient dense
  • cardiovascular improving
  • an intestinal workout
  • moderates blood sugar levels
  • alkalising

If you’re interested in getting a little more “buck” into your diet, you can try making buckwheat pancakes (I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about these yet – coming soon!), enjoying a soba noodle salad or try this recipe for a gorgeous buckwheat mash (thanks to @MindfulFoodie!).


4 responses to Gluten Free Breakfast Inspiration


    It’s so destiny! This great recipe just got tweeted a moment after I posted this blog:
    Buckwheat blini bites with smoked salmon and creme friache:


    Thanks for the ping back, Beckie! How are you? Since you’re talking all things buckwheat, here’s a pancake recipe I make often:, and a soba noodle salad:

    Lesh x

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