The diet of a healthy foodie

August 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

Lemony polenta, mushroom ragout, braised broccoli, peppery parmesan shards (click for recipe)

I often get asked what I eat because of the perception that I’ve narrowed my diet down by eating for health and my inexorable fascination in vegan and vegetarian food. And it’s almost every day that I have a food experience where I think “I must blog about that”. Inevitably these ideas stack up before I’ve even had a chance to sit at my computer to bash out a blog. So I’ve decided to do a readers digest pictorial blog so you can see for yourself how easy it is to eat well, and not compromise taste or variety. Gripping stuff for sure, and I can now sleep better at night knowing the world has seen what’s gone in my mouth the past few months from Melbourne to Austin and New York then back again. I’m sure there’s a song in that.

Ode to Dirt Candy, NYC
If you’ve been devoutly reading my blog, you’ll know I recently interned at my all-time favourite guru restaurant, Dirt Candy. Here’s a couple of quasi DC experiences I’ve had on Aussie shores. I was rolling up to 70 falafel balls a day during my time at DC, but that didn’t stop me from loving the spice-driven crunchy balls. Couple with some home-made raita with lots of mint and corriander, lettuce and pickled turnips (available from continental supermarkets and delis) and you got yourself a quick, easy, and tasty mid week dinner.

cooked falafel balls

Falafel wraps being made

My good mate Katie Christmas (we met on Christmas day 2 years ago) is such an inspiration. After telling her in great detail how awesome DC’s portabello mousse is (think: rich velvety vegetarian foie gras) she hunted down the recipe and found it on . KC recently made it for her Christmas in July dinner and it was divine and brought tears to my eyes at the New York memories it evoked. A complicated little number; it does require some special ingredients like agar agar and instruments like a vita mix, but the flavours are still there and I reckon that it’s fabulous no matter what.

KC's version of Portobello Mousse with polenta sticks

Here is the link to Chef Amanda’s recipe on

Recent Mexican action

Ollie tucking in to vegetarian Mexican cook up. Shame about those home made tortillas huh, Ollie?

Vego Mexican is still full o flavour

Corriander roots also used!

Mexican ingredients

Authentic chillies bought right here in Melbourne

Key ingredients - tomatillos and chipotle

Phenomenal authentic seafood paella
I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with friends Jarrod and Cristina. Spaniard, Cristina introduced me to the most incredible flavours. She made the fish stock earlier that day and cooked the paella right in front of our eyes on their fancy paella burner.

Paella deconstructed

Paella cooking

Jarrod firing up the paella burner

Lost for words, phenomenal!

Putting on the finishing touches

Latin to die for – Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda

Quinoa Salad

Newmarket Hotel

Mushroom quesadilla

The menu - note the "word bin" at the bottom

Catering Michael’s 40th

Risotto squares, caremelised onion, apricot and thyme jam, creme friache

Roast Duck Spring Rolls

Cucumber cups, tomato concasse, horseradish whip, dill

Assembling the prawn tacos

The mains: potato polenta; grilled rosemary and garlic chicken drumettes; BBQ briskit; grilled grape and fennell green salad

And from the United States….

Arepa from Caracas Arepa Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Soup from the Vanderbilt Hotel, upstate New York. Love the simple but effective presentation!

Portobello Burger with brioche style bun and sweet potato fries. Great fast food!

Hung over breakfast of champions: homemade breakfast taco

Ad hoc dinner on a budget: herbaceous omlette with asparagus

World's best dahl with cillantro (hey when in Rome...), sunflower sprouts (bought from Fort Greene Farmers Market, Brooklyn) and hearts of palm

Vegetarian mazoh ball soup

Sake at Ippudo, NYC goes really well with....

Vegetarian Ramen at Ippudo

Pork Ramen at Ippudo, NYC

Better than Momofuku: Pork Buns at Ippudo, NYC

Living in a shoebox in NYC? Still managed to make my morning oatmeal. Just gimme a kettle!

Creme Brulee doughnuts from Doughnut Plant, NYC

Only the Mexicans would think to put tortilla chips in a soup. Surprisingly awesome

Barrels of pickled goods

I have no idea what this is called. Sesame flat bread stuffed with grated carrot and corriander from the world's smallest dumpling shop, Chinatown NYC

Katz's Deli pastrami on rye. Enough said.

...aaaand more homemade tacos

Crawfish anyone? Courtesey of a sponsored party at SXSW. That's Luca from Vaudeville Smash - check em out online.

Vegetarian tamales - life changing!

Back to Australia….

Michael's gourmet breakfast. I'm slowly coaxing him towards more vego fare (Note only the tiny amount of prosciutto)

Farmers Markets are great for finding....Lemon Apple Crystal Cucumbers!!! Wooooow!

Shizo calamari, soba noodles with lemon apple crystal cucumber and other farmers market freshness

Apricot creme brulee tart (made with fresh apricots from the farmers market)

and just because this pic is so darn cute…

Stage Dives and High Fives


2 responses to The diet of a healthy foodie


    …..looks soooooo yummy. Now to practise on your mum….


    Becki, all these pics are making me really hungry! I like the look of everything. Oh, and we must do that catch-up soon!

    Lesh 🙂

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