How’s ya Vegan going?

March 27, 2011 — 6 Comments

Vegan and raw gourmet deserts by Ace Rosengarten

So I just read that there is a 21 Day Vegan Kickstart movement happening here in the US (visit the link here for more information) beginning April 4. For those Aussies who missed the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge from 1 – 30 March (see my post here) you can join us here in the northern hemisphere.

Seems like vegan is the new black…
Not such a dirty word anymore, it seems like everyone is giving Veganism a go these days. Oprah has dabbled and instigated Meatless Monday throughout the Harpo empire, Bill Clinton has reformed his health by adopting a Vegan diet and Martha Stewart has jumped on the bandwagon with her vegan episode of The Martha Stewart Show. While partaking in my (not so) secret indulgence of trash mags, I was just reading in the current Us magazine of the amount of stars adopting a animal-free diet and reaping the rewards such as Lea Michele (Glee), Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson and Travis Barker (Blink 182) for example. Even Jaime Oliver understands the benefits of less meat in the diet and is producing a vegetarian cookbook. Can’t wait!

Awareness is a powerful thing…
But don’t just jump on the bandwagon because some celeb is doing it. Be proud of yourself for taking a conscious decision about your diet and the beneficial impact it has on creatures and the environment around you – and including your own body. That is one of the most healthful actions a person can do for themselves.

Gourmet vegan desserts in Melbourne…

The radiant Ace Rosengarten selling her divine desserts

Little plug for new Raw bestie, Ace Rosengarten. I met Ace recently at famous raw foodist, David Wolfe’s “Longevity” lecture in Melbourne, Australia. She has trained in the US from reputable culinary arts institutes. Ace is doing some amazing gourmet raw deserts for us lucky Melbournians. Her delectable desserts are vegan, raw, organic and completely free from refined sugar, flour, eggs, gelatine, gluten and dairy. Wowsers! Cakes are for all occassions. Give her a call on 0414 473 273.

Check it…
Europe has it’s first Vegan supermarket – drool. I bet you can get some awesome stuff there!

…Standard American Diet is SAD for a reason
So while I’m over in the US I’m doing a lot of research, which involves learning new techniques, recipes and information, but also learning more about the thought processes behind the SAD.  Check out this video of a typical SAD refrigerator. Then visit my related posts on:

‘Till next time – mangiare felice!


6 responses to How’s ya Vegan going?


    Tell Ace she needs a website or a facebook page! I want more info!!!

    Nice work Becky 🙂


    Oooh, does Ace run cooking classes? She sounds fab! BTW, there’s a 21-day vegan kick start iPnone app too. Very handy.
    Thanks for this, Beckie. Great stuff, as usual 🙂


      I’m not sure if Ace runs cooking classes – but I reckon give her a call, she was super passionate, and you never know! Let me know by the way! 🙂
      I’ll download the 21 day vegan kick start app – that’s a great idea!


    Hello all !

    Glad to here the interest in Raw Living Foods …

    Here is my Website check it !


    Wishing you all a Healthy Delicious Day …
    Ace Rosengarten

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