Farmers market shopping, kohlrabi and broad beans

November 10, 2010 — 2 Comments

All this gorgeous, fresh, organic produce for $27.50

My time at the Farmers Markets are going swimmingly. This weeks I went back for some more Kohlrabi.

Remember these cute little numbers:

Kohlrabi doppleganger

Whoops!! I mean these:


Well, I made an amazing salad inspired from this recipe from Nadine Abensur. I changed a few things around and this is what resulted:

Kohlrabi, almond, olive and nori salad - click for recipe

It was so good, I bought more Kohlrabi and have just made another version. I very much enjoyed the nori/kohlrabi combination. Kohlrabi’s texture is not too dissimilar to green apples – giving a pleasant crunch and new texture for a salad. The flavour is mildly ‘green’ with a hint of pepperiness.

This is the second Kohlrabi salad:

Kohlrabi, Nori & Greek yoghurt salad - click for recipe

You’ll notice I bought some broad beans which are in season. I can’t believe that there was a time I actually disliked broadies (thanks mum for making me eat them boiled with their leathery skin on). I made this Quinoa and Broad Bean Salad, adapted from Matt Stone’s recipe on the cover of September’s Gourmet Traveller.

Quinoa and Broad Bean Salad - click for the recipe

Penzo and I decided to take a break from the breakky burgers (to spread our business around) and we breakfasted on home made Borek; Eggplant/Capsicum and Spinach/Feta.

Borek from Melbourne Showgrounds' Farmers Market

Word on the street is that I will be doing a cooking demo at the Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers Market during December. Will keep you posted as details are finalised.

Don’t forget you can find recipes by clicking the links to the right – I endeavour to file all recipes posted in blogs in this section for quick reference.

Comment, comment, comment! I love to hear from y’all! x

2 responses to Farmers market shopping, kohlrabi and broad beans


    Thank you, we have been doing the the therapeutics of vegetables and kohlrabi came up last Friday and I had no idea what it was!

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