Farmers Market Challenge: update 2

October 31, 2010 — 4 Comments

Market haul for this week

After a one week hiatus I’m back doing my farmers market challenge.

I got all this produce for $40. My haul contains:

  • Dutch carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Celery (split 1/2 with Penny)
  • Kipfler potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kohlrabi
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Pink lady apples
  • Wholemeal sourdough
  • Fruit buns aptly named “Nice Buns”
  • Tasty cheese

I didn’t even know what a kohlrabi looked like or what it is (the kohlrabi is that green round vegetable sitting next to the apples in the picture above). I love a challenge and learning more about how to use different produce so I grabbed one. I also love the fact that they remind me of these little critters from Toy Story!

Can you see the resemblance? Or do I have an overactive imagination?










The farmer told me that you can eat the leaves tossed in a salad and peel the bulb and shred the flesh to use in salads also. Wikipedia tells me that Kohlrabi is a German turnip from the cabbage family with a taste similar to that of broccoli stem or cabbage heart and can be eaten raw or cooked. I’ll blog about what I end up doing with it…I have an idea already. If you want immediate inspiration I found this one site that has recipes for kohlrabi three ways.

As for the bread, along with Zeally Bay Sourdough, RedBeard Bakery are now one of my favourite bakeries. Their authentic organic sourdoughs are some of the best I’ve tried and they have used sassy descriptions for their products such as the Blonde – she’s a crusty Vienna who’ll go home with anyone. My absolute favourite are their Nice Buns. These lusciously soft fruit buns are spiked with yummy spices and topped with sugar granules that caramelise when you toast them under the grill. Mmmmm. RedBeard bake their bread in one of the few remaining Scotch ovens in Australia. Scotch ovens are traditional woodfired commercial baker’s ovens – obviously engineered by the Scots – who built them throughout the British empire for 200 years. These mammoth structures comprise of an arched ceiling, fire box to one side of the main chamber and a flue on the opposite side, a shell made up of massive layers of brick and sand and tied together with steel rods so they can contract and expand without pulling apart. The fire is extinguished before baking commences so the bread is bathed in deep and even heat gradually released by the bricks and sand. RedBeard’s oven is one of the few remaining in Australia and is is at least 120 years old. The sad thing is most Scotch ovens in Australia were bought and destroyed by the big flour millers during the 1950’s to eliminate competition for their new supermarket breads – another unfortunate result of commercialisation.

The cheese I bought from Boosey Creek Cheese this week is their Tasty. Last time I bought their soft camembert style cheese which was outstanding. Their Tasty is pretty darn good too and I’ve already wolfed some down along side a kiwi and the 2 buns I bought from RedBeard’s.

I love doing this challenge so much I actually look forward to getting up at 8.30 on a Sunday morning. I tell you, only  organic, fresh, straight-from-the-farmer produce will get me out of bed that early on a day I don’t have to. It has also become a day that I spend some time with good friend Penny. Our routine now is to split one of the gorgeous market produce breakky hamburgers after our buy-up.

Breakky burgers being made

So it’s a simple as that – find your nearest farmers market and turn a chore into an occasion. Have fun!


4 responses to Farmers Market Challenge: update 2


    Hi Beckie

    Saw your link on the MSFM newsletter and had to come and have a peek! I had to laugh when I saw your photo – I do the exact same thing every week! Looking forward to following your adventures


    I’d agree with you that kohlrabi looks like the Toy Story critters!
    I’ve never bought it or eaten it before, but if I pretend it is broccoli it can’t be that hard to imagine what to do with it

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