In the pantry: Friday 1 October

October 1, 2010 — Leave a comment

Naan Bread with Lamb Koftas, Tzaziki and Salad

This was my ad-hoc lunch today. It was delicious! I made the naan bread and tzaziki. The lamb koftas are biodynamic from The Green Grocer.

Now before you go and get all “but you’re a Vegan” on me, I’ll stop you there because you haven’t been paying attention. I follow a traditional diet of 80% plant based and 20% animal based foods. And by traditional, I mean that ethnic cultures from way back know how to eat for optimal digestion and health according to the seasons, terrain, climate etc. If you look back to pre-industrialised and commercialisation era, meat was served as the accompaniment, vegetables being consumed in high quantities. It wasn’t until the ag and meat boards came into fruition that the food pyramid was devised as a way of (cunningly) promoting their products. Incidentally, there are other versions of the healthy food pyramid out there but only those in Integrative Nutrition circles know of them. Interesting huh?

Anyway I’ve digressed…

Click here for the recipe for naan bread. Just note that it contains yoghurt therefore not a vegan recipe.

The tzaziki was made by mixing greek yoghurt, some finely sliced mechaalany (Lebanese pickled wild cucumber) however traditionally it should be fresh cucumber, roughly chopped corriander leaves, pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon juice. Great for dipping!

NB: I would like to qualify I’m a massive supporter of animal rights. Unfortunately I don’t live in a black and white world where if I’m into animal rights I’m 100% vegan. What I do is act in a balanced manner and not overconsume while choosing organic/biodynamic.


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