Thought for food…

August 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

Typical… “food safety” gone too far in the wrong direction


2 responses to Thought for food…


    So, here in US the FDA (Food & Drug ASS-ociation) has just shut down a company called “Good Flow”, that sells fresh squeezed unpasteurized juices. Good flow has been in business here in Austin for over 30 years. They have never had a lawsuit, complaint, or case brought up against them, that their juices have ever caused any harm to anyone. On the contrary! “Good Flow” has been a strong block in the foundation of what makes Austin such a great place to live. The company was LOVED by all that live here in Austin. We would brag to new comers of Austin about the fact that you can get fresh, organic, non-pasteurized juice at every market and most gas stations.
    But, the FDA swooped in a few months ago and claimed that they had to pull all their juices from the stores and shut down until they agreed to pasteurize their product. They have not opened back up for business, because the point of their company was that they were selling fresh unpasteurized juices that were still full of the enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed in the pasteurization process.
    The FDA that approved such wonderful products such a aspartame (which is absolutely proven to cause brain cancer, MS, and other neurological diseases), fluoride (invented by the Nazi’s to control the imprisoned jews, as floride lowers motivation, has a risk to the brain, thyroid gland, bones, and kidneys) has actually shut down a company and stated that fresh squeezed ORANGE JUICE is dangerous to our health.

    Only in the twilight zone of ameriKKKa!!

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